Let go of your ego, let in your joy!
About the Coaching Sessions
How can you create space for your new thoughts, for your new solutions?
By letting go of whatever is blocking and confusing you. I have found FasterEFT to be a surprisingly effective, simple and quick way of letting go and I have used this modality worldwide to quickly achieve extraordinary releases. I combine it with consciousness development to help internalise new ways of thinking. As you become more and more mindful of your inner world, you will reduce the number and the intensity of issues to be released, allowing you to shine more and more every day.

In short : Let go of your ego, let in your joy!

Personalised, individual coaching sessions focused on letting go and consciousness development in English, Hungarian and Italian on Skype or Google Hangout.
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Please send your payment 24 hours before our scheduled appointment.

01 - One on one coaching sessions:

Buy a 6-session package for €570 here:

02 - Coaching for two (e.g. family members, colleagues, friends, couples) :

Buy a 6-session package for €660 here:

To book a session with me, please send me a message and list your main issues and what you are ready to change... send me a message.
You choose the focus of our sessions, for instance...
-achieve your goals, live your dreams
-concert musicians and singers, coaches, therapists and healers are welcome!
-resolve relationship issues with your partner, siblings, spouse, children, parents, colleagues
-release physical symptoms
-apply affirmations effectively
-build up the 26 pillars of consciousness
-improve your self-awareness
You are my ideal client if...
you suffer from some emotional or physical issues, you notice some reactions in your body and you are determined to become balanced and mindful.
The modalities I apply...
Slow tapping
Picture tapping
The work (Byron Katie)
The Journey (Brandon Bays)
Following the pain