Let go of your ego, let in your joy !


When pain and tears have been washed away :

"This is to testimony my experience with the coaching, helping and teaching of Orsolya in August, 2017.

"In June-July I had terrible pain all over my body. I could not move or walk. The doctor’s diagnose was PMR (Polymyalgia rheumatica ) in combination with arthritis in my shoulders and neck. The doctor described me Prednison, which helped to ease the pain very rapidly, and some exercises for the arthrosis . In spite of all the medication and exercises I did not feel well. I wanted to live without medication and pain. I have a very good friend in France, Adrian Maarschalk and his friend, Orsolya Riszt. We had already heard about her skills in coaching and teaching especially in consciousness development and energy psychology techniques.

"We, my wife and I (both over 70 years old), decided to contact Orsolya and asked her if she could help us and setup a program to feel myself better and have a better and joyful live in the future. She mailed me a 14 days program and we had some preliminary talks on Skype. We arrived in France on August 20th.

"I met Orsolya the following day and after some talks I started the program immediately. Orsolya is such a lovely and quiet person that I felt myself very much at ease and open to her. My wife joined me from the second day and together we followed her program. We started every day in the morning with some exercises and yoga chosen specifically for us for 1 - 1½ hours. Then we had sessions, twice a day for some hours, to learn more about my body and my mind. It was an eye-opener to learn the connection between the mind and the body. To be conscious about everything we do: what and how we eat, talk and feel was an amazing experience for us. We were astonished that we already experienced results the first days and went home with no pain at all.

"We felt better every day and after 12 days we were really different persons with an open mind to the future. We learned how to deal with pain and stress. Dear Orsolya, thank you very much for helping us to live a better life. It is like a miracle what you achieved with us and all that in only 12 days – less than we planned!! That’s why we have no hesitation in recommend you to anyone else."

Koos en Ineke Jansen
Warmond – The Netherlands

"Thank you for touching my life. Now I know that angels are really there to help. I think you are such a precious and sweet person. I have not had a bad night since our last session.

That exercise has opened up awareness that has cascaded in numerous ways. It has made me progressively aware of the power of my mind to create and the freedom to recognize and claim my life as my creation. I have learned so much from this.

"I am grateful for the part of me called Orsolya.

"The miracle of Faster EFT in the hands of a wonderful practitioner, Orsolya Riszt, helped me let go of 40+ years of insomnia. Orsolya combines loving compassion with this healing technique and the results were a life-saver for me. It is so wonderful to get into bed without that familiar feeling of fear, anxiety, and dread that used to keep me awake, sometimes all night long. My world feels a lot safer now. I am deeply grateful!"

J. S. Ellington, USA, FasterEFT Practitioner

"Dear Orsolya, I wish to thank you for the help, guidance and most of all the love you have shared with me. You are an amazing person. I wish to tell you that my choice to contact you, having the sessions, exercises, retreats and conversations with you, have changed my life, helped me to change. I guess, I was ready for this change, this is why I contacted you 10 months ago.

"Looking back, I know that I met you in the worst period of my ego state; a state of ego-imposed misery, depression, loneliness, being on my own in a faraway country. As you said, I was a man who came from afar. This is so true; I realize that both physically, ego-wise and spiritually, I am a traveler in this life. Your care, the sessions, and conversations offered an immense boost for my recovery and for starting a new road with higher consciousness and with more smile.

"You helped and guided me to heal emotionally, regain my personal power and to become fit again to enjoy life. All at my own pace. EFT is an amazing help for those who are ready to start to let go of inhibiting forces that are inside. I am now grateful for all the perceived negative things that happened, how they happened before I met you.

"This is because the lessons encoded in my past choices and in the chain of events were the best for me to serve personal growth and set me on the path to finally unlock the tremendous power that is inside.

"Your guidance and care accelerated the expansion of this consciousness, which is key to a fuller and happier life and relationships that are ready to manifest. You are an amazing coach and I am grateful that I have been through this with you."

Gabor Szamosi, Hungary

"My biggest problem was my knee. Now it does not hurt at all and I didn't even wake up at night."

Signora Vittoria, Milan, Italy

"Hi Orsolya, Just wanted to say thank you for the session this afternoon. It was really lovely. I went outside and stayed in the garden after and saw the most beautiful cloud formation. Thank you for guiding me to that lovely place.
You are lovely! xx"

Lizzie Bryher, UK, FasterEFT Practitioner

"I just had great session with Orsolya. She pointed me to the right direction. I feel I am free and I trust my intuition. Check it out great experience to find ourselves in self. To stay on my path and look to the world from a different angle without judging my feelings. Just be free.
She brought my attention to a lot of great things I didn't see they have been all the way with me. Thanks to Orsoly."

Kelly Chaya, Lebanon, Raindrop therapist, Owner of Balsam Spirit Healing Center

"Orsolya is the only therapist I've met that has truly helped me."

E. J., Canada

"Thanks very much for a great session!!! That's definitely helped shift something big."

Erik Zoeteweij, Switzerland, FasterEFT practitioner

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our session yesterday. I have really been noticing my language patterns since then and reworking my phrases in my head. I have also been practising being joyful in paying for things. It has been brilliant so far.

"You were definitely right about the Universe bringing me opportunities to practice what I'm learning.

"I have been more conscious of doing more things for myself, mostly reading, for at least 30 minutes a day.

"I've been giving some thought to the points you suggested. I feel I have made some steps towards living my dream of doing 'something with horses'. I think this was probably always my dream, when I was about 12 I was offered a weekend job at a riding school but my parents wouldn't let me take it so I think I put aside all thoughts of working with or for horses.

"I have been looking at your wonderful website, the resources look amazing. I am going to enjoy working my way through the material on there :)

"Thank you so much for your help!"

"I've just finished my 6 sessions with Orsolya Riszt from the Spring Gathering raffle. Thank you so much, they have been life-changing."

Elizabeth Wright, UK (working with horses now :-)