Let go of your ego, let in your joy !


~ The Little Book of Mindfulness ~
Mental and Spiritual 'Sit-ups'

by Orsolya Riszt with Fiona Truman
illustrated with Orsolya's photos

On the path of my personal development journey I reached a point when I understood that the key to a joyful life was to live consciously in the present moment - but I didn't know how to do that!

After some initial successes, the question then became: how can I extend the period of time when I'm focused and I don't hear the constant chatter in my mind?
You will find the answers in this mini-book. The exercises are both effective and a lot of fun. They will help you to become fully present - to live a more joyful, more conscious life.

In addition, while doing my mental 'sit-ups' (as I chose to call the exercises), I noticed that:
- My memory and my efficiency improved
- My physical sensations were enhanced - my vision became clearer and my hearing sharpened
- I became more self-confident and less self-critical
- Prioritizing became easier
- I learned to find time for the things that were important to me
- I found more pleasure and satisfaction in my chosen activities

If I could to do this, so can you!

By following the steps I explain in this mini-book, you'll experience similar changes in yourself and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others: you'll be more self-assured, focused and productive. You'll begin to enjoy exercising personal choice and taking responsibility for those choices, while fully giving yourself up to the present moment.
I will lead you through not only the exercises themselves but also their positive impact on your life - day after day, week after week, month after month, and for the rest of your life!
I truly believe that our thoughts determine our emotions and our actions, so I have collected ways and means for you to strengthen these 3 pillars of your conscious life.

If you do each exercise for a fortnight, this mini-book will be your guide and companion for over half a year!

FOR ONLY US$ 4.50 !

Fiona Truman and Orsolya Riszt